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Infants & 1 Year Olds

We believe in stimulating infants through touch & sound. Therefore, we love to hold & rock our babies. Infants learn through exploration & we allow our babies to explore on mats on the floor (when old enough) as well as bouncers, swings & age appropriate toys. Various types of music (silly songs, classical, Christian & lullabies) are played throughout the day. Our 1 year olds are becoming independent and are eager to learn to do things by themselves. Our toddlers sit together for family style meals and gain eye-hand coordination and self-help skills by feeding themselves. We introduce colors, shapes, and help them practice listening skills through stories, music & movement and teacher led activities. They begin to use crayons, paint and paper. Large motor skills are practiced through many indoor and outdoor activities.

2 & 3 Year Olds

Two year old’s knowledge, social and independent skills greatly increase during this one year period. Our 2 year olds begin to learn to share & work with others as a group through games, music, creative activities, arts & crafts, outdoor play and structured learning. Painting, drawing, coloring and glue is a big part of their day. Potty training is encouraged at this time. Three year old independence abounds and is encouraged by our teachers. Our 3 year olds are shown positive ways to work and play independently on a group level. Their curriculum increases from colors, shapes, numbers & the alphabet to word recognition, sequencing patterns & simple math skills. Arts & crafts, dramatic play and science projects are a large part of their learning activities. Through the use of weekly calendars & weather charts they are introduced to the concept of time and nature.

Pre-K 4 & 5 Year Olds

Our Pre-K children are preparing for Kindergarten. Our children are introduced to reasoning & problem solving techniques to deal with a variety of issues and their solutions. Their ability to make independent choices as well as learning to voice their ideas & needs is encouraged. Arts & crafts, music, singing, dramatic play, sequencing and math skills are expanded daily. Writing skills are introduced along with phonics using the A BEKA Faith Based Curriculum created by Pensacola Christian College. LOCAL TEACHERS HAVE TOLD US THAT OUR PRE-K CHILDREN SCORE HIGHER ON THEIR KINDERGARTEN ENTRANCE TEST THAN CHILDREN TAUGHT WITH OTHER PRE-K PROGRAMS

After-School Program

After school care is provided for children ages 5yrs. through 13 years. After a full day of reading, writing & arithmetic it’s important that children have a place to unwind with a nutritious snack and unstructured time with their friends. After their “down time” they will have a 30 minute homework period when they can be assisted with their school assignments, if needed. We feel that this takes a load off busy parents and allows the family some quality time after arriving home.

Welcome to Our Learning Center

Our Learning Center is committed to preparing young children for school and life readiness. We use the Faith Based Pinnacle Curriculum for ages 1 yr. through 3 yrs. We use the A BEKA Christian Curriculum for our Pre-K children where they have the opportunity to learn Phonics and can be reading small sentences in their 10 Little Books by the end of the school year. We will help your child grow and learn in a safe, fun environment.

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